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My name is Rafał and I’m Chief Medical Officer at PREVLLY. I'm young and ambitious doctor. I have published a lot of articles in prestigious medical magazines. I won Health Secretary stipend for remarkable scientific accomplishments and few other stipends. I took part in many innovative patients’ tests. My experience help PREVLLY to expand in a safe and factual way.

Rafał Mazur

Team Member


I'm Jeremy and I’m CEO at PREVLLY. The story of my Dad forced me into fighting and the result of this struggle is an idea to create PREVLLY dressing and its technology. My experience as an IT manager and product owner allowed me to match perfect people for the team and gave me the skill to manage the company.

Jeremi Zgierski

Team Member

My name is Mateusz and I’m COO at PREVLLY. My lifetime experience as a barrister and a businessman magnificently helps me to find myself in the role of an expert responsible for operational part of PREVLLY. I’m perfectionist who wilfully pursue a goal. Thanks to this, I’m sure that anything is possible. I’m really happy that I’m one of the members of PREVLLY all along.

Mateusz Toruń